Build a GraphQL API in days minutes

  • Don't waste your time learning GraphQL from scratch.
  • Just point StepZen at your backends and have a working GraphQL API.
  • All our APIs have enterprise level security, giving you peace of mind.

StepZen delivers the technical foundation to build Komax's data-driven digital business cases quickly and efficiently.

Salvatore Ruggiero, Lead of Digital Programs at Komax
Salvatore RuggieroLead of Digital Programs at Komax

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Write a few lines of code, we'll do the rest

type Article {
  id: ID!
  title: String!
  description: String
type Query {
    @rest(endpoint: "$username")

Don't let slow APIs ruin your user experience

  • Optimizing GraphQL API's isn't easy, but every second counts.
  • StepZen automatically optimizes your GraphQL APIs for faster run-time.
  • Our experts obsess about every millisecond of latency, so you don't have to.




  • N+1 Optimization

    database optimization
  • Auto Caching

    configurable cache policies
  • APIkey and JWT

    API + backends fully protected
  • CI/CD ready

    declarative system
    = optimized DevOps
StepZen releases weekly
Building GraphQL APIs declaratively in StepZen

Let StepZen do the heavy lifting

  • GraphQL can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be.
  • StepZen lets you easily connect any data source with a few lines of declarative code.
  • Our declarative approach saves you time, without compromising security.

Say goodbye to maintaining complex code

  • Build your GraphQL API easily with declarative building blocks.
  • Autogenerate your schema with StepZen import.
  • Use @rest, @dbquery and @graphql directives to easily connect any data source.
Building GraphQL APIs declaratively in StepZen

There's a reason
developers love StepZen

  • Performance of our app is critical. It pulls together many bits of information and StepZen’s auto parallelism helped a lot. It also helps us future proof and scale as we add backend services, and build new apps on the unified GraphQL API.

    Nemanja Niciforovic, Managing Director and Engineering Lead
    Nemanja NiciforovicManaging Director and Engineering Lead
  • As a platform that enables talent discovery in hybrid events, we integrate with multiple third parties. StepZen makes these integrations easy and reduces our time to market.

    Vikash Suresh, Co-Founder & CEO, Recorem
    Vikash SureshCo-Founder & CEO, Recorem
  • The onboarding application created with StepZen enables a data-rich journey that, in turn, lets the Premium team automate and improve the initial phases of their clients' onboarding experience.

    Isaac Garcia, Freelance Developer
    Isaac GarciaFreelance Developer
  • For our small team, speed is of the essence. With StepZen, we can quickly connect APIs and services in a GraphQL endpoint, and can onboard new and varied backend services (REST, SOAP, GraphQL . . ) faster than ever.

    Christopher Burns, Co-Founder & CEO, Everfund
    Christopher BurnsCo-Founder & CEO, Everfund
  • Using pre-built schemas for Spotify and Google Knowledge Graph in GraphQL Studio, it was disarmingly simple to design and deploy a hybrid GraphQL endpoint.

    Joey Anuff, Freelance Developer
    Joey AnuffFreelance Developer
  • StepZen’s configuration-driven approach allowed me to deliver a GraphQL API on top of multiple systems quickly and power a new mobile app for a non-profit client.

    David Griffin, Freelance Developer
    David GriffinFreelance Developer

We've got your backend covered

Can StepZen manage Federated Data Access?
StepZen is the only declarative approach for federated access to data. Our team brings years of experience and deep expertise in API (Apigee) and database technologies (Postgres, DB2, and Derby).
Does StepZen support Enterprise Data Layers?
We help assemble the work of independent teams into an enterprise data layer. Our "graph-of-graphs" approach lets teams focus on the data in their domains and enables the organization to assemble a consolidated view declaratively.
Does StepZen host GraphQL APIs on their servers?
Your API is automatically and continuously deployed to StepZen's cloud, on your private cloud, or in a colocation data center. It's up to you.
How does StepZen build Federated GraphQL APIs?
A federated GraphQL API (supergraph) brings together different services (subgraphs) into one unified API endpoint. Whether your subgraphs are built with StepZen or with another library or technology, you can assemble them into a federated graph using StepZen. No complex intermingling of concerns across subgraphs, no writing stubs of types, no declaring primary keys. You can even enable a StepZen subgraph to plug into an Apollo Federation layer.
Does StepZen support subgraphs written in Rust, Java, Kotlin etc.?
Yep, you can build it into your federated layer using the stepzen import graphql command.
What backends does StepZen support?
With StepZen, it doesn't matter if your backend is REST, SQL, NoSQL or SOAP. We know data resides in multiple sources. We help you connect any back-end, just point StepZen in the right direction.
Why StepZen?

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