API Templates

API Templates are a fast way to create a GraphQL API. They are pre-made GraphQL schemas configured with types, queries, and connectors to the data sources. You can spin up a GraphQL API in minutes and then easily combine, customize, and extend to combine data from multiple backends.

Browse templates below or go directly to the GitHub Repo.

Import a template schema with the 'stepzen import' CLI.


Templates for building GraphQL endpoints to track orders, shipping, reviews, refunds, and other eCommerce requirements.

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Templates for building GraphQL endpoints that leverage the types, queries and backends that Jamstack developers use to build applications with payments, authentication, content management, data services, search, and more.

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Templates that allow you to build a GraphQL API that connects the data to enable personalized experiences using location, weather conditions, holidays, and so on.

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For building GraphQL APIs that provide the delivery status of your customers' orders from services such as UPS and FedEx.

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For building GraphQL APIs that you can query to drive an eCommerce experience or any experience powered by content such as product descriptions, images, or videos that reside in a CMS, a database, or a custom repository.

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Marketing & Communications

For building GraphQL endpoints that connect the data from mail, SMS, chatbots, and other data that come together to deliver modern engaging experiences.

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Developer Tools

For building a GraphQL endpoint to query a GitHub repository, Jira, Discord and other developer tools.

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Business Services

For building GraphQL endpoints that connect data from popular busienss services and apps in various sectors.

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