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You build websites and experiences powered with content like product descriptions, blogs, images, and other digital assets that reside in CMSs, databases, or custom repositories. Use a template to help you build a GraphQL API with the types, queries, and connections for popular content sources like Disqus for comments or Cloudinary for image and video management.

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  • Disqus


Use this template to enable fetching a list of posts on a Disqus forum. See the Github repo to learn how to create and register an API application in order to take advantage of the Disqus API and add the api_key to your StepZen config file.

  • DEVCommunity


Building your developer portfolio site? Use this template to create a GraphQL endpoint connecting the dev.to REST API as a data source to pull data about your articles from your dev.to blog.

  • Cloudinary


Cloudinary REST API for images. See the Github repo for instructions on creating a cloudinary account, and instructions for API Keys, API Secrets, and authentication configuration.

  • WordPress


Build JavaScript applications with this custom GraphQL schema on top of a headless WordPress environment using modern tooling such as Yoast, advanced custom fields, and more.

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