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Jamstack developers use APIs to build things like payments, authentication, content management, data services, and search into apps and experiences. Whether you are pulling data during static builds or pulling or pushing data dynamically, you need easy connectivity. Use one of these templates to create a GraphQL API that connects data from these popular backends.

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  • Airtable


This template wraps the REST API on the Event Marketing Template base model. See the Github repo for instructions on how to get and configure your Airtable IDs and keys and use this template.

  • Algolia


This template lets you connect Algolia's REST API. See the Github repo for instructions on how to create an Algolia account, an app, and upload sample data for indexing.

  • Cloudinary


Cloudinary REST API for images. See the Github repo for instructions on creating a cloudinary account, and instructions for API Keys, API Secrets, and authentication configuration.

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