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Providing the same promotions, news, or greetings for all your visitors from across the globe doesn't cut it for today's discerning digital user. You can use a template schema, or combine them, to easily build an API that enables personalized experiences based on holidays, weather, location, and more.

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  • IP-API


IP addresses are a good way of determining the location of your website visitors. This location template includes a cloud function that returns the best guess of the browser's IP address and a GraphQL schema that returns geolocation based on that IP address. The template connects data from the IP-API geolocation API. You don't need an API key - it is provided for free by StepZen.

  • OpenWeatherMap
  • IP-API


You can import the location or openweathermap schema templates, and use them independently. Use this location-weatherreport template to get weather information in the context of location (the lat/long are auto-generated). This is the superpower of GraphQL, try it out.

  • OpenWeatherMap


This weatherreport template makes current weather conditions available based on latitude/longitude and through the OpenWeatherMap API. Coming soon - weather based on city, as well as weather forecast for the next seven days.

  • Holiday API

Holiday API

Fetch data about upcoming holidays based on year, month, and country. This template uses Holiday API (TM) to provide this information.

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