A GraphQL API for Any Data Source

Easily connect data from REST, GraphQL, databases, or any backend.

We secure the endpoint, run the service, and carry the pagers.

An overview of StepZen, showing several backends translated into GraphQL, and then being consumed by a web app.

Combine backends in a single GraphQL API

Easily build a GraphQL API with template schemas, and REST and database connectors. But real projects need to grow and scale. StepZen helps you connect and stitch the ever-increasing set of backends needed to unlock data and accelerate frontend development.

StepZen secures the API, hosts and manages the service

You have no servers to manage, no code to write to parallelize execution, to ensure keys and queries are secure, or handle caching. You can combine disparate services in a single query accelerating frontend development, yet maintain security and control of your data.

Secure your backend data sources and your API

Tired of writing and deploying myriad cloud functions to secure your API and backend keys? StepZen encrypts your keys and enables you to set fine-grained access control, eliminating the need for cloud functions.

David Griffin
Software Engineer

Turn a REST API into GraphQL in 5 Easy Steps

In this video, we turn the DEV API into GraphQL in just a few minutes.

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