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Joey Anuff, Freelance Developer
Joey AnuffFreelance Developer

Using the pre-built schemas for Spotify and Google Knowledge Graph in GraphQL Studio, it was disarmingly simple to design and deploy a hybrid GraphQL endpoint: a Spotify track query that returns Knowledge-annotated song data. I'm just super-happy with this toolchain–it makes me want to mash every REST API I've ever worked with through StepZen.

Vikash Suresh, Co-Founder & CEO, Recorem
Vikash SureshCo-Founder & CEO, Recorem

As a platform that enables talent discovery in hybrid events, we integrate with multiple 3rd parties. StepZen makes these integrations easy and reduces our time to market. Today, we use StepZen to quickly get GraphQL APIs against Postgres and MongoDB and will soon use it to integrate with various event platforms.

David Griffin, Freelance Developer
David GriffinFreelance Developer

A GraphQL API on top of multiple systems let me re-use those systems in a new app on a mobile platform. StepZen’s configuration-driven approach allowed me to deliver a solution quickly and inexpensively for my non-profit client. I honed my GraphQL skills and had a lot of fun doing it.

Explore pre-built GraphQL APIs. No signup!

Get projects up & running quickly with pre-built GraphQL API for popular services.

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