Build a GraphQL API from your REST, Database and GraphQL Backends in Minutes

A unique declarative way to build & run any-sized Graph


Build and Run Any-sized Graph
in a Few Lines of Code

One Line of Code to Build a Graph

The quickest way to get started is to autogenerate your schemas and resolvers. Specify an existing data source using the stepzen import command. StepZen introspects the endpoint and generates a GraphQL schema for you.

  • REST Endpointsstepzen import curl https://... -H "..."
  • Databasesstepzen import mysql|postgresql
  • GraphQL Endpointsstepzen import graphql

One Directive to Assemble a Graph-of-Graphs

  • Connect subgraphs using a simple @materializer directive. No complex intermingling of concerns across subgraphs, no writing stubs of types, no declaring primary keys . . .
  • A team can build its graph in StepZen. Create subgraphs efficiently using stepzen import; modify them using @rest and @dbquery). Stitch them together using @materializer.
  • Build a federated graph in StepZen. Import subgraphs using @graphql and stitch them together using @materializer. We hope you build your subgraphs in StepZen, but if you use something else, it also works. No complex library modification to expose new edges like __service - StepZen does not need them. You can even federate StepZen subgraphs into Apollo if that is something you want to do.

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Graph of Graphs

One Command to Deploy in Seconds

Whether you deploy a team subgraph or a scaled graph-of-graphs for your organization, your graph is automatically and continuously deployed to our cloud (or yours), and delivers:

  • Deployment at Scale
  • Automatic Parallelized Execution
  • Security and control of your APIs and Data
  • Performance, Cost, and Reliability Optimizations




  • N+1 Optimization

    database optimization
  • Auto Caching

    configurable cache policies
  • APIkey and JWT

    API + backends fully protected
  • CI/CD ready

    declarative system = optimized DevOps

StepZen releases weekly


% stepzen start

  Deploying api/demo to StepZen... done in 2.3s 🚀

  You can test your hosted API with cURL:

  curl \
    --header "Authorization: Apikey $(stepzen whoami --api-key)" \
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data '{"query": "your graphql query"}'

  or explore it with GraphiQL at http://localhost:5001/api/demo

  Your API url is

  Watching ~/stepzen-demo for GraphQL changes...
  1. Deploy in seconds
  2. Hosted on StepZen's fast, reliable servers
  3. Secured and safe
  4. Work locally with GraphiQL
  5. Automatically redeploy

Developers like you are building great things with StepZen.

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