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  location(ip: "") {
    weather {

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Personalize your website by getting the location and weather of the visitor from IP-API and OpenWeatherMap, all in one query


Stitched types enable you to get data across multiple backends using a single query.

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One API for All Your Data

Tired of writing complex procedural logic to orchestrate the data for user experiences? Easily build a GraphQL API that enables you to get the data you need to power apps with a single query. Whether data is from databases, APIs, CMSs, or even mock services, StepZen connects and assembles it from the right backends.

Data From Multiple Sources in One Query

Our stitched type system allows the single GraphQL query to access related information across multiple backends. The platform supports sophisticated routing to the right backends, combining the results and handling normalization, optimization and type conversion across various structures and metadata.

Configurable Backend Data Sources

Whether a MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB database, a CMS like Contentful, or 1st or 3rd-party APIs, we have you covered with a growing ecosystem of connectors. And easily connect any backend data sources with configurable and custom connectors.

Zero Infrastructure to Manage

With robust error handling, retry logic, path optimizations and caching, StepZen-as-a-Service lets you avoid mundane tasks and the cruft of the backends. Increase your pace of app development and leave building and managing the infrastructure to us.

What is StepZen?

The StepZen platform enables you to quickly build an API that combines and connects data across multiple backends. Ask for the data you want via a single query to that API, and StepZen assembles the response from backend APIs.

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Connectors for Every Data Source

We've got all your data sources covered. And to speed your development, there's a mock service for every backend.


A growing ecosystem of pre-configured connectors connects popular and frequently used backends and services.


Easily write queries to connect data from Relational and NoSQL databases, JSON and GraphQL backends, and more.


Need something special? Setup an endpoint that StepZen calls to return the data your schema needs.

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