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Frontend developers are building modern apps powered with data from 1st and 3rd party sources. But the data can be complex and unintuitive and not easily accessible or programmable. Furthermore, frontend teams must often wait for backend teams to build and deploy the right APIs. We're a team of database and API folks on a mission to accelerate and simplify app development by eliminating this friction and abstracting away the complexities of the backends.

Our Team

After settling on the name StepZen, the next natural question was what to call ourselves. StepZeners? No way! Steppers? Well, almost! So we are Steprz :) Here, in our own words, are reasons we joined StepZen.

Anant Jhingran

Cofounder & CEO

I loved the idea of being part of creating a company that changes the world, but also creating a culture that lives long after we are gone. At StepZen, I am working on something that brings two of my loves (databases and APIs) together, and I am doing it with people I respect and enjoy working with.

Sridhar Rajagopalan

Cofounder & CTO

You’ve got to do something that is meaningful to you, meaningful to your customers, and work with people who inspire you. The rest takes care of itself.

Helen Whelan

Cofounder & CBO

My Zen place is solving problems with smart people who bring diversity of thinking, cultures, and disciplines. It’s magic when you can couple that with building things that users truly care about. I'm proud to be on this journey with a team of smart, opinionated, curious, funny and yeah, quirky Steprz!

Lucia Cerchie

Software Engineer

I joined StepZen because I was thrilled by the elegant solution it provides for developers. No more juggling data sources! Plus, the company culture is awesome.

Herman Camerena


StepZen was one of the easiest decisions in my career. Today’s developers are writing uber complex applications that process data from diverse and complex sources. With experience in APIs, data sources, large scale applications and complex infrastructure, I believe we are building a platform that simplifies development and operational tasks.

Anthony Campolo

Developer Advocate

GraphQL all the things.

Roy Derks

Developer Advocate

Over the course of my career I’ve interacted with databases and other data sources in lots of different ways. But I always felt something was missing in these approaches, the data that you’re requesting was either hard to detach from surrounding structures or not customisable enough. GraphQL has changed this, and products like StepZen make GraphQL understandable and scalable to the masses.

Dan Debrunner


Interesting and challenging technical problems, an excellent team with focus, working with developers and having fun doing it. StepZen, I couldn’t say no.

Carlos Eberhardt


Since the days of writing cgi-scripts and spitting out ugly HTML, I've loved building things on the Internet - and looking for an easier way to do it. Technical capabilities have exploded, but so has complexity. Today we have countless opportunities to simplify the work of creating and building. I'm excited and proud to be working with a team of people I respect and who share my passion for finding a better way.

Samuel Hill

Software Engineer

Siloed backends and databases leave frontend developers in a continuous cycle of hacking together one-off, non-reusable connectors. I joined StepZen to streamline these issues that frontend developers face daily, to have a blast building integrations with an amazing team and to help developers get back to doing what they love - building powerful software.

Charlie Kim


Found a place to make an impact and have some fun along the way. Truth be told, Herman made me do it!

Bill Maggs

VP Product

Great products start from a pain point and end being indispensible. StepZen solves a big problem I've encountered in previous companies. In the last several years product teams have become responsible for their services in production and now StepZen will make those backends a lot simpler to make and manage.

Aashish Sharma

Business Development

After learning about StepZen I was immediately intrigued — not only by the solution but by the folks who worked to create it. The company culture is amazing so it was a no-brainer for me to join this talented group of people!

Darren Waddell


As soon as I heard about StepZen, I was hooked. I genuinely believe that in 5 years, StepZen will be one of the essential tools for building amazing front ends. And a chance to work on a better future is one you can’t turn down.

Investors and Board Members

We're thrilled to be supported by investors and board members from a wide variety of backgrounds and with stellar track records building value.

Swaroop 'Kittu' Kolluri

Neotribe Ventures

I fell in love with the non-obvious insights that StepZen had--APIs can intelligently wire themselves across multiple backends, using machine learning and database techniques. That, plus a great team, made Neotribe’s investment totally obvious!

Peter Wagner

Wing Venture Capital

I love the way StepZen uses complex technology to simplify. Powerful intelligence is put to work “behind the scenes” to simplify, accelerate and scale front-end development. StepZen’s unified backend has the potential to unleash a new wave of developer creativity.

Chet Kapoor

CEO DataStax

I love the mission to speed up and massively simplify app development. I believe StepZen has the product vision that'll crack the code on the problem of orchestrating the complex data developers need to build today's most engaging user experiences.


With years of experience in technology, various industries, and the market we are grateful for the advice, the sounding board, and so much more from these awesome folks.

Alex Salazar

Partner, Neotribe Ventures

I became an advisor to StepZen because I believe in their vision: Building software is too hard. There are not enough developers to meet demand. Connecting to disparate systems is painful. Building out custom workflows and APIs waste scarce developer time. I believe that StepZen has the team and product to solve this problem.

Oliver Dore

Partner, Technology at Work & Co

It is increasingly common for technical architectures to require combining, shaping, and caching data from various sources - and a flexible API to support a multi-channel strategy by default. I believe StepZen can solve a real and pressing need for developers - radically reducing the burden of aggregating data, and instead focus on delivering great user experiences.

Randall Degges

Head of Developer Relations & Community, Snyk

There are few things more complicated for a developer than integrating with third-party services. I love working with the StepZen team because they're making every developer's life far simpler and more enjoyable, and that's something I care deeply about.

Joonas Lehtinen

Co-founder, Vaadin

My passion is simplifying the developer experience. When things just work as expected due to a framework or a platform taking care of low-level details, developers can enjoy an uninterrupted flow and increased productivity. I believe StepZen can drastically simplify Jamstack by turning everything GraphQL and taking friction out of building on it in enterprises.

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