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GraphQL puts your app in charge of your data, not the other way around

  • Select schemas or combinations to add to your API

    Select a schema or a combination to start with and you’ll go to the GraphQL Studio to assemble your endpoint.

    Explore all schemas
    Several buttons representing services that may be used with StepZen
  • Query your APIs and explore your schemas with mock data or your own

    No keys required! Query your schemas against mock data, or provide your keys and query your own data.

    Two small editors, one containing GraphQL code and the other JSON
  • Deploy on our cloud and start building! Sign up and we’ll host your API for free

    Sign up for a StepZen account. Build and run your GraphQL API on StepZen.

    Start for free
    An overview of the StepZen platform. Several schemas, or services, are being processed by StepZen and turned into usable GraphQL, consumed by devices

Powerful combos for any app

StepZen's custom directives make it easy to turn many APIs into one and execute multiple calls. See how with these useful combinations.

View all combinations


  • The Etherscan logo
  • The Moralis logo
  • The Infura logo
Add the "Web3" to your GraphQL API

Behind the Music

  • The Spotify logo
  • The Google Knowledge Graph Search logo
Add the "Behind the Music" to your GraphQL API

Contextual Image Search for Twitter

  • The Twitter logo
  • The Unsplash logo
Add the "Contextual Image Search for Twitter" to your GraphQL API

Developer Publishing Pack

  • The logo
  • The GitHub logo
  • The Twitter logo
Add the "Developer Publishing Pack" to your GraphQL API

Google Maps + Yelp Reviews

  • The Google Maps logo
  • The Yelp logo
Add the "Google Maps + Yelp Reviews " to your GraphQL API

Local currency by IP

  • The Frankfurter API logo
  • The IP-API logo
Add the "Local currency by IP" to your GraphQL API

Outdoor Dining Search

  • The Google Maps logo
  • The OpenWeather logo
  • The Yelp logo
Add the "Outdoor Dining Search" to your GraphQL API

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

  • The Cloudmersive logo
  • The logo
  • The Twitter logo
Add the "Social Media Sentiment Analysis" to your GraphQL API