We've got exciting news! StepZen is running an 'Advent of GraphQL' challenge in December! If you have around 5 minutes a day, you can complete this challenge and boost your GraphQL knowledge to boot. You'll learn to build an API with StepZen, consume it from a Next frontend, and deploy it to Netlify! We've got some cool prizes this year...


Where to find the challenge

Each day, from Dec 1-25, we'll release a new challenge to this Notion calendar. Follow along to take part. If you'd like to tweet about your progress, be sure to let us know by tagging @stepzen_dev!

What are the rules?

Complete each of the 25 steps. If you aren't able to start on Dec 1st then you are welcome to come late to the party, there's plenty of time to catch up. It's in a tutorial format, but we appreciate creativity! If you need help, reach out to our Discord channel.

When do submissions end?

The challenge ends on December 25th, but we will accept submissions up to December 28th, and announce the winner on the morning of the 30th.

How do I enter?

Send a link to your repository and deployed site to feedback@stepzen.com with the headline "Advent of GraphQL Submission"

What are the prizes?

Everyone who enters will receive StepZen stickers! Be sure to include your address in your submission email, or use https://stepzen.com/stickers And to one random submitter (we'll put your names in a hat, secret-santa style), we will send a book of snowflake photographs to adorn your coffee table during the winter season.