Explore real and fake data with some of the most popular GraphQL APIs. These are company and community supported GraphQL APIs that can help developers explore and adopt the capabilities of GraphQL into your projects. Give them a try!

Countries API

A GraphQL API to query data about countries, continents, and the languages spoken in regions around the world.

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Github API

Note: Requires headers

A GraphQL API to query your repositories, automate workflows, and manage organizations. Github considers their GraphQL API to be a more precise and flexible way of reading and writing to your Github.

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Authorization Instructions:

  1. Create a personal access token and paste it in the graphiql headers.

    {"Authorization":"bearer ghp_xxxx"}
  2. Resubmit the endpoint.

    Resubmit endpoint

Pokemon API

A GraphQL API to explore a large array of information related to pokemon, items, regions, and more.

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Rick and Morty

Query data about the popular adult cartoon Rick and Morty. Provided below is a sample id variable for you to copy and paste into the graphiql explorer. This id will be injected into the query sample generated by the graphiql explorer.

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{"ids": 1}


Retrieve information about previous SpaceX launches including ship and astronaut details. Copy and paste the id variable provided below to successfully find out about a recent launch, GOMSTREE.

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Moon Highway

GraphQL API to query dummy data pertaining to ski trails and lifts.

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Star Wars API

GraphQL API to query the wide range of Star Wars data that can be found in our galaxy. Film details, characters, planets and more.

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StepZen Public APIs

The GraphQL APIs below were generated by a StepZen introspection tool, REST2GraphQL. This tool coverts popular REST APIs into GraphQL APIs in seconds and provides a public GraphQL API endpoint. By executing a GraphQL query, the GraphQL endpoint will fetch the REST API data and return it in a JSON format.

IP Address Lookup

A REST API that returns your computers IP address. By providing the REST API to our REST2GraphQL introspection tool, the REST API is queried using the @rest directive. Copy the format variable and paste it into the graphiql to execute the query successfully.

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Query the GraphQL API in the StepZen Dashboard




https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/todos/$id - A REST API that provides JSON dummy data.

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Note: Requires headers

https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/weather?q=Miami&units=imperial&appid=$id - Get current weather in your area

Authorization Instructions:

  1. Create an accuweather developer account here.
  2. Use the apikey provided as the appid variable in the graphiql editor.
  3. Visit the link below to execute the query.

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GraphQL APIs are a new and exciting way to query data. Many companies are adopting GraphQL as a standard query language to provide APIs.

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