We're excited to announce that StepZen is a technology partner in the SingleStore Connect ecosystem. SingleStoreDB and StepZen are a powerful combination that massively simplifies data access for application developers and enables real-time decision making for companies.

SingleStoreDB is a distributed SQL database that unifies transactions and analytics in a single engine to drive low-latency access to large datasets, simplifying the development of fast, modern enterprise applications.

StepZen is a GraphQL server with a unique architecture that helps developers build APIs fast and with less code by composing declarative building blocks. Developers can quickly deliver GraphQL APIs for analytics and operational data stored in SingleStore.

According to Karl Hoffman, VP of technology ecosystem at SingleStore.

We're thrilled to have StepZen join us as a partner of SingleStore Connect, as we share similar goals when it comes to simplifying data access for developers. They'll be able to bring their expertise and knowledge around GraphQL to our large ecosystem and discover other potential fits for their technology in creating fast and interactive real-time applications that move business forward.

StepZen and SingleStore Connect

An ongoing challenge for front-end teams is to deliver modern data-powered applications quickly - bringing relevant data from myriad backend data sources to the right people at the right time.

GraphQL is emerging as the new standard for APIs, layering upon investments in REST APIs and data systems. While GraphQL APIs are significantly easier for the application teams to consume, they can represent a challenge to the API teams tasked with building them.

SingleStoreDB Cloud delivers optimized speed and scalability to support data-intensive and real-time applications. StepZen lets developers quickly and easily create a GraphQL API on top of data they already have in SingleStore, and provide the preferred API protocol for their front-end colleagues. The APIs run in StepZen's in-memory Golang-based GraphQL engine deployed into Kubernetes and are highly responsive to application needs.

StepZen in SingleStore Connect Figure 1: StepZen enables GraphQL APIs on SingleStore data

Using StepZen’s declarative approach, developers build GraphQL APIs (and federated graphs) by composing building blocks to create the GraphQL schema. Strong introspection capabilities mean that a GraphQL model for enterprise data can be constructed and composed with only a few lines of code.

Because you build APIs declaratively, StepZen understands the API and can make optimization decisions at runtime, delivering low latency and high throughput and imposing a minimum burden on the backends.

StepZen in SingleStore Connect

To create a StepZen API on top of your SingleStore data, you write a few lines of declarative code; StepZen brings a million lines to do the hard things like query optimization, security, scale, caching, geographical distribution, and so on. Teams are up and running, delivering a flexible GraphQL layer in days, not weeks or months. Your APIs are concise and declarative and run on StepZen's cloud or your private cloud with built-in performance, cost, and reliability optimizations.

Using StepZen to Unlock SingleStore Data: An Example

Both SingleStore and StepZen have advanced technology that eliminates the need for error-prone query-processing logic in applications. Check out our previous blog, Access Fast Operational Analytics with an Easily-built and Scalable GraphQL API using SingleStore and StepZen in collaboration with Eric Hanson, director of product management at SingleStore - in it, we walked through an example that explored how to use StepZen with SingleStore data.


We're thrilled to be working with SingleStore, and part of the SingleStore Connect ecosystem, to help teams build the GraphQL that unlocks their unified transactional and analytics data, enabling the delivery of performant, data-driven applications faster than ever. We're excited to see what SingleStore customers do with the GraphQL they build on their data.

StepZen in SingleStore ConnectSee StepZen in the SingleStore Connect ecosystem.

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