Learn How StepZen Works in this Episode of Learn With Jason

"If I've got a bunch of services and we need to make complex calls with these services, I don't want to necessarily maintain a bunch of custom resolvers when I could do just something like this and say, yeah -- slam this query into this query into this query. And all that turns into a great experience for the frontend devs and for the user and StepZen is gonna automate the caching etc." ~Jason Lengstorf

A couple of weeks ago, StepZen's Carlos Eberhardt got together with Jason Lengstorf on the Learn with Jason show. Check out the recording here!

Turn Any Data Source into GraphQL With StepZen

In this lively, hands-on session, Jason and Carlos discussed their own experiences with GraphQL, the pros and cons of GraphQL for frontend and backend developers, and StepZen's configuration-driven approach to building a GraphQL API. The main event was an hour of live coding where Jason built a GraphQL API on StepZen. Check it out to see how they

  • combined multiple data from numerous different sources, including location, weather, and maps APIs
  • put some of StepZen's custom GraphQL directives through their paces
    • @rest to connect a REST service to your GraphQL API,
    • @sequence to execute multiple queries in a sequence, returning a single result, and
    • @materializer to connect multiple GraphQL types
  • discussed combining data from multiple backends both at build time and at runtime . . . and much more.

For 80% use cases, this removes the need to go and build resolvers. You can define the whole thing in one place. You have your SDL and you can map things one to the other using these directives."

Where to go From Here

Huge thanks Jason and Carlos for an entertaining and informative session. To learn more: