A Simpler Way to Build a GraphQL API for Any Data Source

No resolvers to write. No data connections to code. No GraphQL servers to build.

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Build a GraphQL API from your REST, database or GraphQL backends in minutes.

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  • Generate schemas and resolvers through introspection or choose a pre-built GraphQL schema.

    Starting with introspection or with pre-built schemas, you can quickly build a GraphQL API from SQL, NoSQL, REST, GraphQL, or microservices backends. Customize your schemas and resolvers with a few lines of code.

  • Deploy in seconds. Automatically redeploys as you build.

    The StepZen CLI watches for changes as you build your API and deploys them automatically on StepZen — no reloading or uploading schemas manually. StepZen also runs locally on your machine, so you can build, test, and iterate fast.

  • No resolvers to write. No servers to build and maintain.

    There are no libraries to import. StepZen generates resolvers based on the schema and the connections you configure in that schema. A declarative snippet tells the system to call the right API, pass the right parameters, and parse the response.

Your Data Trapped in REST APIs? Convert JSON to SDL

Convert JSON to SDL
  • Paste any JSON into the tool, and StepZen’s industry-leading introspection generates the SDL code for you

  • See the shape of data you need while you develop, not afterwards

  • Get a jump start on creating the schema code to GraphQLize your REST backends

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