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Experts on Demand

Expert help to fast-track your path to intuitive, concise, performant, maintainable APIs

  • Ready to embrace GraphQL to speed development and improve the performance of your applications?
  • Need a partner to help cut through the noise and align your GraphQL journey with business outcomes?
  • Our team with years of experience and deep expertise in API and database technologies is standing by!
A person giving a workshop about GraphQL

API Program Success Workshops

½ Day deep-dive API design & deployment best practices

Get started on your organization's GraphQL journey with a ½ day in-depth workshop that covers key API program focus areas — from establishing your strategy to evaluating and building supporting technologies.

The content is designed & delivered by technologists with years of experience in APIs and databases. You will leave having identified and prioritized the key issues you want to address and the design and operations practices you should embrace. (We hope you choose StepZen for your GraphQL implementation, but this is a no-strings-attached workshop; advice is independent of the technology you choose.)

What to bring

  • At least four (4) people from your team should attend the workshop.
  • The more you can share about your environment and potential use cases, the more you will get out of the workshop. (NDAs OK!)
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Proof of Concept

Evaluate any-sized project

Want to see how StepZen stacks up as you evaluate options? We believe we have a unique approach that helps you build GraphQL faster and better, so we want you to do that too!

We will conduct a POC that delivers a working GraphQL API. Depending on your environment and your use case the POC can work against mock or real backend data sources. The resulting API is available to you for two months after the POC is delivered. If you select StepZen to build your GraphQL layer, the API can be integrated for you as part of your StepZen implementation.

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Tailored Support Package

Design strategy to deployment co-pilots

When you choose an enterprise contract, our tailored package partners our technology experts with you to help guide your projects from design decisions to co-piloting deployments.

Several workshops per year are designed for your journey and can be design reviews, health checks, and performance reviews. You get tips for a successful first implementation that scales as your business does. You get best practices and know-how for leveraging existing investments in databases and REST APIs, avoiding rip and replace, and more. (No separate professional services contracts.)

Meet the Experts

Our world-class & worldwide team has worked on APIs and databases with companies from startups to the Fortune 100 and in all industries. We bring that expertise to the world of GraphQL and partner with you to ensure an optimized solution so that you can focus on your core business.

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Unique perspective and wealth of know-how in API design.

At the explosion of the API economy in the early 2000's, we worked with companies across industries on mission-critical API deployments (at Apigee, the leading API company, acquired by Google 2016). We partnered on architectural design, scaled implementations, and delivered best practices for API design and for building and running API programs large and small.

A gauge being turned up to a higher reading

Deep understanding of database & API connectivity, optimization & performance.

Just like a database system optimizes the execution of a SQL query, a GraphQL engine must optimize the execution of a GraphQL query. Our team includes core designers and engine developers of large-scale database systems (Postgres, DB2, and Derby) and can help you design a GraphQL API that is both functional and performant.

Two hexagons flowing into a single shape

Experience building and running large-scale, massively distributed systems.

Having been responsible for running robust and secure applications at the scale of trillions of API calls and thousands of servers at Apigee and Google, this team knows what it takes to deploy, scale, monitor, protect, maintain, and service them. We bring that expertise to the world of GraphQL and can help bring it to your project as well.

Anant Jhingran

Cofounder & CEO  •  California, USA

Anant is StepZen's CEO. Having spent time as an IBM Fellow, CTO of IBM’s Information Management Division, CTO of Apigee, and product leader at Google Cloud, Anant has spent his career at the forefront of innovation in databases, ML, and APIs. The impetus for StepZen was in no small part to bring his love of these technologies together to simplify, accelerate and scale a new era of development.

Anant Jhingran

Sridhar Rajagopalan

Cofounder & CTO  •  England

Sridhar leads Engineering at StepZen. Sridhar was a senior Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at Google, combining software and systems engineering skills to help build and run large-scale, massively distributed systems. Before that, he was a senior engineer and architect at Apigee and served for two decades as a member of technical staff and architect at IBM.

Sridhar Rajagopalan

Bobbie Cochrane

Software Engineer  •  North Carolina, USA

Bobbie is a senior research scientist with 25+ years of experience at IBM and in the information technology and services industry. She’s a strong research professional skilled in blockchain, scalability, IBM DB2, cloud, computer science, and enterprise software.

Bobbie Cochrane

Carlos Eberhardt

Customer Success  •  Minnesota, USA

In love with the Internet since the early 90s, Carlos has been a Robot code wrangler for a manufacturing services company, a frontend Web developer for a pre-bubble dot-com, a mobile app gunslinger for an engineering consulting firm, an enterprise architect for a Fortune 50 retailer, and spent 8+ years helping companies large and small learn how to become "cloud-native" with Apigee and Google Cloud.

Carlos Eberhardt

Dan Debrunner

Software Engineer  •  Florida, USA

Dan was a senior technical staff member with IBM's Data Management division and the architect for the Cloudscape database engine. Dan guided Cloudscape from a startup company through deployment in IBM's products and middleware, and ultimately IBM’s contribution of Cloudscape code to Apache as Derby in 2004.

Dan Debrunner

Roy Derks

Developer Products  •  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Roy is a software engineer, author and public speaker. A tech enthusiast since the late 90s, Roy founded MovieMarkt, growing it to 20,000+ paid users, founded and sold—a large Dutch community about TV shows, co-founded SwitchBay—a marketplace to buy/sell used electronics, was technical product manager at Wundershift and engineering leader at Vandebron. He’s run open-source projects for the City of Amsterdam.

Roy Derks