We're happy to announce that StepZen now supports Snowflake as a data source! With StepZen and Snowflake, you can build modern data-heavy applications in the cloud.

Accessing Snowflake using GraphQL

Snowflake is a fully managed service that enables cloud data storage, processing, and analytic solutions. It combines the features you expect from an enterprise analytical database with an easy-to-use interface developed in a completely new SQL engine.

Millions of developers are already using GraphQL to access data through a single, flexible API from which they can consume data from all their databases and data APIs. With the addition of a Snowflake connector to StepZen, developers whose companies are building warehouses with Snowflake can now easily include their analytics data in their applications through GraphQL.

StepZen and Snowflake are both designed and built to run in the cloud, providing end users with a flawless and performant experience. By combining these two technologies, companies avoid having to build and manage their own infrastructure to run their essential workloads.

Use cases

For example, if you're building a data warehouse in Snowflake, you can easily build a GraphQL API for this data in StepZen and securely connect to the data using the powerful @dbquery directive. Simply specify the @dbquery type as snowflake and let StepZen generate the queries for you. Or, for more advanced users, you can provide your own query.

See StepZen’s Snowflake connector documentation for more information. And watch this space for the next blog - a tutorial about accessing Snowflake data using GraphQL.

Next Steps?

We're constantly improving StepZen and continue making updates to our product, including support for more backends. We deploy new versions of StepZen weekly, so expect new features to be released regularly.

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