We're excited to announce that we're participating in Hacktoberfest this year! 🎃

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source! It encourages participation in the open source community by completing pull requests and contributing to open source repositories in other ways (like writing thorough issues).

Our sample repositories illustrate how you can use a StepZen GraphQL data layer to orchestrate different types of backends like databases, REST APIs, and GraphQL APIs. We're hoping to provide you with an opportunity to dive deeper into GraphQL while you participate in open source this Hacktoberfest.

Prefer learning by video rather than by blog post? View our walkthough.

We love our sample repositories and we're super excited to teach and learn alongside with you!

As a plus, with every PR you merge or pairing session you complete, we'll send you a StepZen GraphQL sticker! Besides that, Digital Ocean tracks the number of PRs with the hacktoberfest label that you merge and will send you a t-shirt if you merge 4.

Let's take a look at the repositories that we'll be flagging as eligible for Hacktoberfest this year.

StepZen SpaceX React App

homepage screenshot

This project is an instance of a React App with a StepZen data layer connected to the SpaceX Land API. We've got a few got a few goals for the repository that we'd like to work towards with you:

  1. GraphQL Documentation - the GraphQL schema is partially documented. Help us get to 100% coverage!

  2. REST API Integration - We'd love to integrate the SpaceX REST API as well as the GraphQL API for full API goodness and integration in StepZen's data layer!

  3. Other - We've also got some other issues having to do with things like styling and React components that we'd love help with! You can find them with the label hacktoberfest.

Stepzen Nuxt Mountains

homepage screenshot

This project is a Nuxt app with a StepZen data layer that connects to the Mountains REST API provided in the official Nuxt documentation. We currently have open issues for a variety of improvements including:

  1. Dynamic Routes - Create a separate page for each mountain with Nuxt's dynamic routing.

  2. Expand Schema - Build out the rest of the schema with the remaining mountain types.

  3. Other - Check out the other issues with the hacktoberfest label for improvements to testing, accessibility, styling, and more.

Where to go from here:

Check out our sample repos and comment on any issue with the label hacktoberfest to claim it!