Postman’s platform includes a new collections feature to group saved API requests and share them with your colleagues or the world!

StepZen has created a unique Postman collection of GraphQL APIs for you to try out.

Screen Shot 1

The collection features a wide range of APIs, including the APIs of platforms like Github, Spotify, and Twitter. It's also got a Web3 collection that features the Moralis server for Web3 apps.

Give each API a spin in the GraphQL APIs for SaaS Services collection by

  1. selecting the API folder and then selecting ‘queries’
Screen shot 2
  1. Hitting ‘Send’ and view your query response

Screen Shot 3

Create Your Own GraphQL Collections By Forking Ours

One of the convenient features of Postman Collections is that you can fork a collection and edit it yourself. Here are the steps for riffing on our collections to make your own.

Select ‘create a fork’.

Screen shot 4

Label your fork and click ‘Fork Collection’.

Screen shot 5

Your fork is now available in the workspace you selected. You can now add your own queries to the API by clicking ‘Duplicate’.

Screen shot 6

You can now edit the name, endpoint, and body of your request.

Screen Shot 7


We’ve seen some awesome projects created with these APIs, from a stock trading website to an animation app, to a serverless blog. We'd love to see what you come up with! If you’d like to see where our APIs are sourced from, visit

If you have questions, feel free to slide into our Discord. We'd love to see you around!

To learn more about creating GraphQL APIs quickly with StepZen, see