What's new with StepZen this month? Every month the StepZen team shares the latest updates to StepZen in a livestream. This month's update includes a big announcement, as we launched subscriptions. With SingleStore we announced a new partnership, and lots of new integrations are added.

Watch the recording of the December 2022 Community Update on YouTube. Or scroll down to read the highlights.

Watch a recording of the December Community Update

Announcing subscriptions

We're excited to announce that we've launched support for subscriptions in StepZen. Subscriptions allow you to subscribe to changes in your data and receive real-time updates, all in GraphQL. With this latest update to StepZen you can subscribe to any query that you create in your GraphQL schema. You can use subscriptions in the cloud version of StepZen, or in your own environment by using Docker (read more here).

With subscriptions, you can build real-time applications, such as chat apps, or apps that show live updates. This is a big step forward for StepZen, and we're excited to see what you build with it.

Partnership with SingleStore

One of the key features of StepZen is turning all your data into a GraphQL API. In SingleStore we've found a partner that has developed a database that is perfect for developers that work with large datasets. SingleStoreDB is a distributed SQL database that unifies transactions and analytics in a single engine to drive low-latency access to large datasets, simplifying the development of fast, modern enterprise applications.

By combining SingleStoreDB with StepZen, you can build applications that are fast and scalable using GraphQL. We're excited to work with SingleStore, as you can read in Access Fast Operational Analytics with an Easily-built and Scalable GraphQL API using SingleStore and StepZen and look out for more exciting news soon.

New integrations

Every month we're launching new integrations for StepZen with databases, API providers and other technologies. Recently we created an example integration of using StepZen with Fauna, which you can find on their blog. Fauna is a distributed serverless database with built-in GraphQL support, meaning you can federate your data from Fauna with other data sources in StepZen.

For a complete overview of all the official and community support integrations for StepZen head over to our Examples Repository on GitHub.

See you in 2023

Keep an eye out for new features and more integrations on our Twitter page and Discord community. We will see you next year for the first StepZen Community Update in 2023, on the first Thursday next month (January 5, 2023). Livestreamed on YouTube and Twitch, or watch the recording on YouTube afterwards.