At StepZen we want to give developers of all stripes the power to connect any and every datasource in the world to the applications they are building with GraphQL-as-a-Service. That data is piling up by the petabyte on a dizzying array of data stores, including hundreds of thousands of SQL databases and REST endpoints. We have taken some of the most popular REST data sources in the world and make them available as super useful GraphQL APIs in StepZen Studio.

But the data that matters most is your data, and we can show you in just three commands how to turn your database or REST endpoint into a GraphQL API running securely on StepZen’s highly performant, globally distributed service. Just sign up for an account and you’ll be able to get started immediately.


All you need to do is download StepZen’s CLI, import a MySQL or PostgresQL DB in seconds with your connection details, then type stepzen start and see your GraphQL instantly deployed on StepZen’s global service, live and production ready. If your data is in a REST API you start much the same way, your first schema created by copying just a few lines of code and ready to use thanks to StepZen’s @rest directive and the REST URL you supply with auth or other header information if you desire.

One query or thousands of calls a second, StepZen ensures your API performs flawlessly, And If you don’t have your DB connection details or REST call handy you can get started with databases and endpoints we have preconfigured for you. It’s still just three steps to a deployed API.

Whatever the data you bring, you'll be able to immediately enhance and add to your new GraphQL API, automatically generating types and tuning your API with our powerful introspection service and with functional queries that show you how to fetch, combine, and mutate your data. Our example projects and docs explain how easy it is with StepZen to link types, sequence calls, paginate results, and create fine-grained access control with just a few lines of code and configuration using our fully declarative platform, built for the way that developers work.


Building GraphQL doesn’t have to be rocket science; StepZen allows you to write less code that is more correct and just runs. All these build time benefits are great, but the real advantage of StepZen comes from how we keep all the backends and all that data connected to your applications. See Why StepZen to learn more about building and running your GraphQL on StepZen.

We would love to hear about what you’re building and how we can help. If you've got questions about anything GraphQL API, hit us up on Discord.