We have launched our StepZen integration on the Vercel Marketplace, making it the easiest way to build fullstack GraphQL projects in the cloud. With the StepZen integration, you can deploy a new GraphQL API and a frontend application with just a few clicks.

StepZen + Vercel

Vercel is the serverless cloud platform for frontend developers, allowing developers to deploy their projects instantly, scale automatically, and with almost zero configuration. Millions of developers use Vercel to build and deploy their projects. Vercel is the company behind Next.js (amongst others), the most popular React framework for production.

With StepZen, on the other hand, you can build a GraphQL API in minutes without writing any code. StepZen is a managed GraphQL API platform that allows you to connect to any data source and build a production-ready GraphQL API with just GraphQL SDL. All StepZen APIs are deployed to a performant and secure cloud built for scale.

Using the StepZen integration on Vercel

By combining the power of StepZen and Vercel, you can build fullstack GraphQL projects with ease. You can use StepZen to build and deploy a GraphQL API and Vercel to deploy the frontend application that consumes this GraphQL API. Using the new StepZen integration on the Vercel Marketplace, you can store the credentials of your StepZen project in Vercel or deploy a new GraphQL API with just a few clicks.

Already on Vercel? You can deploy a new fullstack GraphQL project by clicking the button below.

Deploy with Vercel

By clicking the button above, you will be redirected to Vercel, where you can create a new fullstack GraphQL project with just one click. It will create a new StepZen GraphQL API and deploy a Next.js application that consumes the GraphQL API. You can find the source code of the starter template here. Or read the detail in the StepZen documentation.

Next Steps

We're always looking to improve StepZen and continue making updates to our product. We deploy new versions of StepZen weekly, so expect new features to be released regularly.

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