GraphQL-as-a-Service: Deploy & Run Your API on StepZen

Scale and secure API deployments and backends. No servers or infrastructure to manage.

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Drive Developer Productivity

A simpler way to build a GraphQL API that gets the data you need from REST, GraphQL, databases or any backend.

  • A Single Graph for All Your Data

    One way to assemble & index your enterprise graph

    StepZen’s platform reaches across organizational and business boundaries and connects the subgraphs of public and private data sources into a single integrated view that powers your apps and your business.

  • Secure APIs and Data Sources

    StepZen secures your data sources and your API

    You can set fine-grained access control to ensure keys and queries are secure, eliminating the need to write and deploy cloud functions. Your apps can find the data they need on the public/private graph, but StepZen ensures access is under your control.

  • Seamless Deploy to Netlify

    Build Production Jamstack Sites with StepZen & Netlify

    StepZen is proud to partner with Netlify to make it easy to add backend functionality to your apps, all while maintaining the familiar Netlify workflow teams love. The complexity of different backends, authorizations, response protocols, syntax, etc. are abstracted in a single GraphQL API. Using StepZen's Netlify build plugin you keep your APIs and your website consistent, and test and release them together using existing deployment processes.

Scale Operational Productivity

StepZen continually tunes your data layer to optimize queries for performance and efficiency.

  • Fully Managed Service

    Our managed service ensures your API is always on

    Your API runs on StepZen. You don't worry if backends are down or the response from one has changed. You don’t need to make tradeoffs between adding a cache or changing logic, don't have to learn about connection pooling for database requests or myriad other concerns.

  • Performant Data Layer

    StepZen maintains and optimizes your data layer

    GraphQL is increasingly the foundation for a completely new layer in the enterprise stack. Detailed monitoring, metrics, and automation allow your APIs to have high availability, distribution, and actionable exception handling just like the rest of your enterprise infrastructure. StepZen continually tunes your data layer to optimize queries for performance and efficiency.

  • Flexible CI/CD

    Integrate your deployment into your CI/CD processes

    StepZen’s configuration-based approach means the APIs for your critical data can become just another part of your CI/CD pipelines, with all the flexibility you expect from these processes.

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