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Deploy GraphQL on a Virtual Private Cloud or Colocation Data Center

StepZen can run your GraphQL as a managed service on your private cloud or colocation data center

StepZen can be deployed on Kubernetes (any recently released GA Kubernetes version is supported). We can provision StepZen's managed service in any environment where we have access to a functional Kubernetes cluster - in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, any virtual private cloud (VPC), or a Colocation facility.

StepZen stores all metadata in a PostgreSQL database. For private managed service deployments as above, we recommend PostgreSQL 14. However, versions 12, 13 and 15 will also work.

Deployments vary so we will work with you to get StepZen-as-a-Service running in your VPC or Colo. What we'll need from you:

  • Admin API access to the Kubernetes cluster(a relatively recent version).

    Our automation software deploys the StepZen engines directly into the cluster at each release. These deployment APIs need to be accessible from our deployment automation.

  • Access to a PostgreSQL database server (appropriately managed and backed up), and accessible from within any container deployed into the Kubernetes cluster.

    We create schema, tables, indices, and stored procedures within this database and query it from within the StepZen engines.

  • A log sink where we can send service logs.

  • A service account for which we have adequate privileges (and we can use within the deployment automation).

  • A shared user account for our site reliability engineering (SRE) team to use whenever there is a business need for human action to debug, recover, restart, or otherwise manage the StepZen service. This account should have access to the PostgreSQL database, and be able to look at the data sent to the log sink as well.