What's new with StepZen this month? Every first Thursday of the month, the StepZen team will go live to share what's new with StepZen. This month's update includes building web3 projects with StepZen, integrating HarperDB and converting REST APIs to GraphQL from your terminal.

Watch a recording of the April 2022 Community Update on YouTube.


Have you ever tried to build a web3 application? If the answer is "yes" then you know it's not easy to combine different web3 data providers, and there are many challenges if you are new to this ecosystem. At StepZen, we've released a set of APIs that make it easier to integrate web3 data providers such as Etherscan, Infura, and Moralis by using GraphQL instead of REST. You can find our web3 API collection in StepZen GraphQL Studio. Or head over to the StepZen Web3 Starter application to explore an example application built with web3 GraphQL APIs.

Want to know more before diving in? Read the complete blog announcement.

HarperDB Integration

With StepZen, you can build a GraphQL API for any data source, including databases. Most recently, we've created an integration for StepZen with HarperDB, that lets you query this SQL- and NoSQL-based database with GraphQL. You could already connect with HarperDB using REST, but adding GraphQL functionality was one of their most requested features. Using StepZen, that feature is now available, as you can read in this blog post on our blog. Or view the complete code example that integrates HarperDB and StepZen in our examples repository on Github.

Converting REST APIs to GraphQL From Your Terminal

Going from REST to GraphQL has never been easier! Using StepZen, you can turn your REST API endpoint into a GraphQL API by running just one command, stepzen import curl <YOUR_ENDPOINT>. Currently, we support GET and POST curl requests, with header and body flags. Learn all about it in the blog post Convert a REST API to GraphQL and Deploy it in One Command or by watching this walkthrough on our YouTube channel. Support for more HTTP-request methods and other flags will be added in the coming period.

What else?

We're adding more and more features to StepZen. Recently we've added the possibility to view the number of queries you've run through StepZen. Our free plan includes up to 300,000 queries per month, and you can keep track of the remainder of your plan on your My StepZen account page. Are you planning to run more than 300,000 queries per month? We won't be limiting your account as soon as you reach the limit.

Watch a recording of the April 2022 Community Update on YouTube

The next StepZen Community Update will be hosted on the first Thursday of May, meaning May 5th. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord community to stay updated about our latest developments.