What's new with StepZen this month? Every first Thursday of the month, the StepZen team shares the latest updates to StepZen in a livestream. This month's update includes the launch of REST2GraphQL.io and DataStax Astra's addition to our NoSQL-database connections, and a sneak peek at our upcoming GraphQL Hackathon!

Watch a recording of the June 2022 Community Update on YouTube.

Launch of REST2GraphQL.io 🚀

Converting a REST API into GraphQL doesn't have to be time-consuming. You can already do so in a few lines of code by using the StepZen CLI. And we've made it even easier by launching a new tool called REST2GraphQL!

Using REST2GraphQL

The REST2GraphQL tool doesn't require you to download the StepZen CLI or sign up for an account. It lets you create a fully functional GraphQL API from your REST endpoint. Your GraphQL API is deployed right away and available to call from your app or command line. The GraphQL API is public and is running and available for 30 days at no cost to you. Want to use it in production later? Sign up for a StepZen account, and import your new GraphQL endpoint or the converted REST API endpoint using the CLI!

Read all about this new tool on our blog or try it out on REST2GraphQL.io.

DataStax Astra integration

We keep adding new integrations to StepZen! It was already possible to import your MySQL or PostgreSQL database, and various NoSQL databases using REST or GraphQL. Now, we've added instructions to connect a DataStax Astra Database too! DataStax Astra is a serverless database running on Apache Cassandra with a generous free tier. You can deploy it on every popular cloud provider and scale it infinitely.

You can find the DataStax Astra integration on our Getting Started page.

Upcoming GraphQL Hackathon 👀

Do you like building GraphQL APIs with StepZen? Next week, we'll launch a six-week GraphQL hackathon in collaboration with Devpost: The StepZen GraphQL Challenge! In this hackathon, you can win prizes of up to $6,000 USD per submission, with a total prize pool of over $14,000! Next to other amazing perks. You can participate remotely from almost every country globally, and the only requirement is using a StepZen GraphQL API. We even have a bonus prize for people building with web3, in example by using our web3 starter application.

Keep an eye out for the hackathon launch on our Twitter and Discord community to be among the first to register. In the meantime, we'll be adding more and more features to StepZen. The next StepZen Community Update will be hosted on the first Thursday of July, meaning July 7. Livestreamed on YouTube and Twitch, or watch the recording afterward.