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Building a GraphQL API on a Mavenlink Backend

With Mavenlink, you can scale and smartly deploy teams in real-time, respond to changing business realities, and give your people the power to make more informed decisions. ~

Mavenlink is the industry cloud for professional services™. Hundreds of companies depend on Mavenlink and its REST API to power their workforce management, resourcing, and collaboration applications. This rich API unlocks a wide array of data used by modern enterprises.

StepZen provides a GraphQL transformation of the Mavenlink API running on StepZen’s global cloud, providing a performant, flexible, and adaptive data layer to build apps that can optimize operations and track project resource allocations. StepZen’s GraphQL platform lets you quickly build an API of APIs. In other words, you can provide a GraphQL API on Mavenlink (or any backend) or combine Mavenlink data with your own databases and/or other productivity and content management APIs to build a single API to power your internal and customer-facing apps.

Mavenlink and StepZen Architecture

Faster Scalable App Development: A Case Study

See this case study to learn how a busy digital agency under cost and talent retention pressures like many in today’s economy quickly assembled a GraphQL API on the powerful Mavenlink REST backend. As a result, and in just a couple of weeks, it modernized a business-critical app that manages its complex project and human resources allocations.

Faster Scalable Application Development with GraphQL-ized Mavenlink API

Read the Work & Co Story

Performance of our app is critical since it pulls together many bits of information. StepZen’s auto parallelism helped a lot. It also helps us future proof and scale as we add backend services, and build new apps on the single GraphQL API.

Nemanja Niciforovic, Managing Director and Engineering Lead
Nemanja NiciforovicManaging Director and Engineering Lead

GraphQL-ized Mavenlink API in the GraphQL Studio

We've provided a curated GraphQL version of the Mavenlink API in the GraphQL Studio along with GraphQL versions of other popular SaaS APIs. StepZen’s platform simplifies how front-end teams access Mavenlink data, lets them combine and paginate data with ease, and experience dramatic improvements in performance.

  • Feel free to explore the Mavenlink API in the Studio - no signup is necessary, or
  • Sign Up for a StepZen account and extend your Mavenlink schema with your own data sources.
Mavenlink GraphQL API

GraphQL version of the Mavenlink API

Want to discuss the Mavenlink GraphQL API or building GraphQL with StepZen in general?

See Getting Started with StepZen, and check out the StepZen docs for Designing a GraphQL Schema and more.