What's new with StepZen this month? Every first Thursday of the month, the StepZen team shares the latest updates to StepZen in a livestream. This month's update includes an update on the hackathon that ends next week, new analytics we launched on the StepZen Dashboard, and StepZen became part of the GraphQL Foundation.

Watch a recording of the July 2022 Community Update on YouTube.

Final week of the StepZen GraphQL Challenge

The final week of our hackathon running on Devpost.com is approaching. In the StepZen GraphQL Challenge, you can win prizes up to $6,000 per submission, with a total prize pool of over $14,000! With a special bonus prize for submissions that include a web3 project. Get rewarded for building a StepZen GraphQL application by applying to the hackathon today! The hackathon deadline is July 16, 2022 end of the day. You can find the submission requirements on the hackathon page.

New analytics on the StepZen Dashboard

We added new features to the StepZen Dashboard to give you more insights into your account analytics. On the improved StepZen Dashboard, you can find the response times and number of requested queries for the endpoints you've deployed to StepZen. Also, you can copy-paste connection code snippets for curl, JavaScript, and Python on this page.

StepZen Dashboard page

Read all about these new features in the blog, or head over to the StepZen Dashboard to see the analytics for your account.

StepZen joined the GraphQL Foundation

We're thrilled to announce we became part of the GraphQL Foundation! The GraphQL Foundation was founded in 2019 to secure the future of GraphQL as a technology. As a company building GraphQL services and tools, we wanted to contribute to the evolution of GraphQL. This blog post shows why we joined the GraphQL Foundation and how StepZen contributes to the GraphQL ecosystem.

Keep an eye out for new features and more integrations on our Twitter page and Discord community. We will host the next StepZen Community Update on the first Thursday next month (August 4, 2022). Livestreamed on YouTube and Twitch, or watch the recording afterward.