We are thrilled to announce that StepZen is now part of the GraphQL Foundation. As a Service Provider and a member of the Foundation, we are excited to contribute to the evolution and momentum of GraphQL.

Collectively, the StepZen team brings a wealth of experience in database and API technology to the world of GraphQL. The team has made key contributions to database and API tech (Postgres, Db2, Derby, and Apigee) and worked on implementations with thousands of developers and companies (from startups to the Fortune 100). These days, we are passionate about applying lessons learned from API and database optimizations to GraphQL. Mostly, we look forward to participating in the GraphQL Working Group and collaborating with this vibrant community to understand and represent the needs, use cases, and challenges of developers and customers.

GraphQL Service Providers

Foundation members

StepZen lets you build and deploy a GraphQL API from REST, SQL, NoSQL, and GraphQL backends with just a few lines of code. Your API is hosted on StepZen — it secures your data sources and API, and ensures your API runs and scales reliably. Your keys are encrypted and you can set fine-grained access control. Protocols, mapping, authentication, performance improvements, deployment scripts are all handled by the runtime engine.

The quickest way to get started is by specifying your backend data source using the stepzen import command. StepZen introspects the backend and generates the GraphQL schema for you. There are no resolvers for you to write and no data connections to code.

Additional GraphQL resources:

If you've got questions, want to brainstorm a project, or see what people are building with StepZen, we'd love to see you over on our Community Discord. Or grab some time via our Calendly link for a short demo.