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Work & Co | Faster Scalable Application Development with GraphQL-ized Mavenlink API

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Performance of our app is critical. It pulls together many bits of information and StepZen’s auto parallelism helped a lot. It also helps us future proof and scale as we add backend services, and build new apps on the unified GraphQL API.

Nemanja Niciforovic, Managing Director and Engineering Lead
Nemanja NiciforovicManaging Director and Engineering Lead

Build Multi-tenant GraphQL Applications

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As a platform that enables talent discovery in hybrid events, we integrate with multiple third parties. StepZen makes these integrations easy and reduces our time to market.

Vikash Suresh, Co-Founder & CEO, Recorem
Vikash SureshCo-Founder & CEO, Recorem

Creating a Seamless Onboarding Experience with a GraphQL Data Layer

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The onboarding application created with StepZen enables a data-rich journey that, in turn, lets the Premium team automate and improve the initial phases of their clients' onboarding experience.

Isaac Garcia, Freelance Developer
Isaac GarciaFreelance Developer

Integrate Disparate Services Faster Than Ever and Manage Zero Infrastructure

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For our small team, speed is of the essence. With StepZen, we can quickly connect APIs and services in a GraphQL endpoint, and can onboard new and varied backend services (REST, SOAP, GraphQL . . ) faster than ever.

Christopher Burns, Co-Founder & CEO, Everfund
Christopher BurnsCo-Founder & CEO, Everfund

Fast Start with Pre-built Schemas from GraphQL Studio

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Using pre-built schemas for Spotify and Google Knowledge Graph in GraphQL Studio, it was disarmingly simple to design and deploy a hybrid GraphQL endpoint.

Joey Anuff, Freelance Developer
Joey AnuffFreelance Developer

GraphQL-enable Legacy WordPress Backends

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StepZen’s configuration-driven approach allowed me to deliver a GraphQL API on top of multiple systems quickly and power a new mobile app for a non-profit client.

David Griffin, Freelance Developer
David GriffinFreelance Developer

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