Work With Schemas Downloaded from the GraphQL Studio

Get your GraphQL project up and running quickly by starting with the schema files you created in the GraphQL Studio

You can get your GraphQL project up and running quickly by starting with the schema files you created in the GraphQL Studio. Here's how to take the ZIP you downloaded from the GraphQL Studio, run what you created on StepZen, and build on it.

  1. Unzip the files in your terminal:

    On Mac:


    You can then move the files into a folder that you name stepzen.

    On Windows:

    You can unzip the folder in your Explorer by right-clicking and selecting Extract. Then navigate into the folder.

  2. Install the StepZen CLI from within the folder that holds your files:

    npm install -g stepzen

    and follow the steps outlined in our docs on installation.

  3. (Optional) Enter your keys. If you are working with APIs that require secret keys/IDs/tokens, you'll have to enter them into your stepzen/config.yaml as shown here:

      - configuration:
          name: api_config
          apiname_apiKey: "{APIKEY}"
  4. Run stepzen start

    Now that you've got the StepZen CLI tool installed globally, you can run:

    stepzen start
  5. Name your endpoint when prompted:

    What would you like your endpoint to be called? (api/{{your-api-name}})

    You can accept the auto-suggestion or enter your own API name.

    Your terminal will give output similar to the following:

    Watching ~/Downloads/stepzen for GraphQL changes
    Deploying to StepZen...... done
    Successfully deployed api/{{your-api-name}} at 2:14:31 PM
    Your endpoint is available at{{your-api-name}}/__graphql

Now the same schemas that you selected in the StepZen GraphQL Studio are ready to be inserted into your app via your own deployed endpoint:{{your-api-name}}/__graphql.

Your own StepZen GraphiQL editor is also available as a separate, local proxy: http://localhost:5000/api/{{your-api-name}}.

Tutorial: Local Currency by IP

For a tutorial that describes how to select a two-API combination in the GraphQL Studio (named Local Currency by IP), download it, explore the project files, and use the StepZen CLI to build upon it, see Start a Project with a Downloaded Schema from the GraphQL Studio.

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