Install and Set up StepZen

How to sign up for a StepZen account, install the CLI, and use your keys

While StepZen's service runs in the cloud, we've developed a command-line interface to help you quickly build and deploy your StepZen API. This topic describes how to set up those tools.

Create an Account

Sign up for a free StepZen account.

Your Admin Key and API Key

When you get your account, log in to StepZen and navigate to the My Account page, where you will find your account name, and the two keys you need for API authentication:

  • Admin Key: Required to upload, modify and configure, and deploy your StepZen APIs.
  • API Key: Grants access to consume/query your endpoint. This is required for third-party API testing tools or any application that will consume your API.

Install StepZen

The StepZen command-line interface (CLI) provides commands to set up and manage StepZen.

Invoke the following command to install the StepZen CLI:

npm install -g stepzen

Note: The StepZen CLI is supported on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Log in to StepZen via the CLI

Once the CLI is installed, you need to connect it to your account.

Start by logging in using the following command:

stepzen login

You'll see a series of command prompts asking for your StepZen account name and admin key:

What is your account name?: {ACCOUNT}
What is your admin key?: {ADMINKEY}

If you don't see your account name and admin key above, you can also find them on the My StepZen page after logging in.

You can now proceed to building your GraphQL API:

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