What is StepZen?

Create your entire backend API and connect it to any combination of data sources

StepZen provides an easy way to create your entire backend API and connect it to any combination of data sources (e.g. databases, REST APIs). In addition, because StepZen is uses GraphQL, you can easily connect your StepZen API to any frontend. This enables you get data from across your backends in a single query, without over-fetching. For example, getting more data than you need, which is a common problem with RESTful APIs.

Let's look at some of the key benefits of StepZen:

Connect any data source

A modern application backend isn't just a single monolithic data source. It is typically made up of an array of sources – from databases to both internal and third-party APIs and services. Pulling all these sources together into a single API can be cumbersome and complicated, often leading to code that is fragile, which would require constant upkeep.

StepZen solves this by providing built-in connectors that enable you to easily hook your API to:

  • Database backends – We currently support MySQL and Postgres, with more databases coming soon.
  • API backends – We currently support RESTful APIs with GraphQL coming soon.
  • Other services – We have a growing list of pre-built schemas for popular third-party services and APIs like FedEx, Mailchimp and Cloudinary.

Learn more about building a schema connected to a data source in the quick start tutorial.

Combine data sources

While connecting to backends alone is powerful, you don't want to have to write multiple queries to get data from different backends. For example, if your MySQL database contains order information, but FedEx has the shipping information, you'll want to be able to get an order information with the shipping details in a single request.

StepZen provides the ability to connect the pieces of your schema together, regardless of which backend they use. This is done using our custom @materializer directive that enables you to specify the relationship between two types within StepZen. You can read more about @materializer in the linking types doc.

Zero infrastructure

Instead of writing resolvers and maintaining a GraphQL server, StepZen handles all of that for you. StepZen provides an always-available backend for your application, while securely storing the keys and connection information for your backends. This frees your development team up, to focus on building the application rather than maintaining the API or managing servers.

In addition, StepZen provides tools to make building, deploying and testing your API easy. For example, the StepZen CLI offers the capability to automatically deploy and test your API as you code via an integrated dashboard.

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