What is StepZen?

Create a GraphQL API that combines data from any backend - SQL, NoSQL, REST, GraphQL, or any combination

StepZen lets you create a GraphQL API and connect any combination of data sources – including your own databases or APIs, and pre-built APIs for popular services. Frontend apps can easily query one unified GraphQL API to get data from across backends in a single query, without over-fetching, worrying about different response protocols, etc.

StepZen's directives-driven approach eliminates lines of code by letting you configure protocols, mapping, authentication, deployment scripts, performance optimizations, and more. There are no resolvers to write and maintain, no data connections to code, and no GraphQL servers to build and manage.

Let's look at some of the things you can do with StepZen:

You can build and run your first GraphQL APIs even before signing up for StepZen. Select one or more pre-built schemas for popular services, explore the schemas, test queries, assemble, and publish your GraphQL endpoint right in StepZen GraphQL Studio.

GraphQL Studio Overview

GraphQL Studio enables you to:

  • Explore schemas: You can select schemas for popular APIs like DevTo, GitHub, Twitter, etc., or a combination of APIs. The image above shows three schemas selected and a simple query and response for DevTo.

  • View, edit, and run queries: The editor in the middle pane lets you view, edit, and run GraphQL queries, as well as view the details of the GraphQL schemas you've selected.

  • See query responses and documentation: The right pane displays responses from the queries that you execute, and enables you to view documentation.

Build on APIs you Assemble in GraphQL Studio

Have schemas you created in the GraphQL Studio?

Downloading the schemas you assembled in GraphQL Studio is a great way to quickly get started building your own API in StepZen. You can extend your API to connect all of your data sources – whether first or third-party.

After you select and explore your schemas in GraphQL Studio, you can download the files, sign up for a StepZen account, and extend what you've built using the StepZen CLI.

Create, Test, and Deploy your API

Haven't explored GraphQL Studio?

No problem! While downloading schemas you've assembled in GraphQL Studio is a great way to get started, you can sign up for a StepZen account, install the StepZen CLI, and start building. Learn how in Hello World: Create and Query Your First API.

Connect any Data Source

A modern application backend isn't just a single monolithic data source. It is typically made up of an array of sources – from databases to both internal and third-party APIs and services. Pulling all these sources together into a single API can be cumbersome and complicated, often leading to code that is fragile and requires constant upkeep. Our configuration-driven approach and custom GraphQL directives mean that you configure (not code) your data connections, and avoid hundreds of lines of complex code:

  • Database backends: MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • API backends: REST and GraphQL APIs.
  • Other services: Select from a growing set of pre-built schemas for popular SaaS APIs and handy combinations to inspire your mashups.

To learn more about building a schema that is connected to a data source, see Design a GraphQL Schema and Connecting Backends.

Combine Data Sources

While connecting to backends alone is powerful, you don't want to have to write multiple queries to get data from different backends. For example, if your MySQL database contains order information, but FedEx has the shipping information, it's preferable to get order information with the shipping details in a single request.

StepZen provides the ability to connect the pieces of your schema together, regardless of which backend they use. This is done using our custom @materializer directive that enables you to specify the relationship between two types within StepZen. Learn about @materializer in Link Types.

Manage Zero Infrastructure

You don't have to write resolvers, code your data connections, or maintain a GraphQL server. StepZen handles all of that for you. StepZen provides an always-available backend for your application and securely stores the keys and connection information for your data sources. This frees up your development team to focus on building the application, rather than maintaining the APIs or managing servers.

In addition, StepZen provides tools to make building, deploying, and testing your API easy. For example, the StepZen CLI lets you automatically deploy and test your API as you code, via an integrated dashboard.

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